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1. Artists Looking For Beats - List - FREE
The new artists looking list is a complete list of artists who’s looking for songs for their upcoming projects. The new artists looking list is updated and published on the first week of each month.

2. Get That BAG - Trap Loop Pack - FREE
High quality sounds that will take your beats to the next level!

3. Dark Wave Drumkit Pack - FREE
Dark Wave is PACKED with the industry drums sounds you'll love. Every single one is studio quality and personally guaranteed by me.

4. Producer Buzz Secrets Course - FREE
It's a step by step blueprint for building your beat sales machine that converts ice-cold prospects into buyers & promoters of your beats.

5. Producer Networking Secrets Course - FREE
Networking Secrets shows you how to network in digital age, teach you exactly what you need to know to hook up with big players in the game.

6. IMPRIMUS - EROS (Loop Pack) - FREE
Take your beats to the next level. Make Hotter Beats Instantly with high-quality sounds!

7. Set To BLOW - Trap Loop Pack - FREE
This Industry Trap Loop packs gives you the sounds I use to create my dope beats.

8. Shock G explains Hip Hop’s lineage - FREE
In this never heard before audio masterpiece, musical genius, Shock G explains Hip Hop’s lineage from the beginning, The Blues Era... and brings you all the way to Hip Hop…..

9. Cras - 60 Second Beat Producer FLP - FREE
Here is your fastest way to make beats if you are struggling with your melodies. Just pop these into your next beat and use this FLP for you to start tweaking and adding drums too. This is the fastest way for you to level up if you are struggling.

10. Cras - 5 Minute Beat Producer FLP - FREE
Level Up your BEATS with this power packed sounds!

11. Producer Foundations Lessons - FREE
This comprises over 59 step-by-step lessons designed to take you from the total beginning and show you the basics and fundamentals of producer business.



Trap Beats Training

Producer Mixing Blueprint

Beat Selling Secrets ( Bonus )


3 Proven Ways to End Beat Block for Good

Why Artists Still Buy Beats in Tough Times

5 Ways to Generate More Buzz for your Beats

8 Killer Instagram Tips For BeatMakers

Confidential Beat Sales Script

How To Make A Living Selling Your Beats Online In 4 Months

How To Grow Your Online Beat Sales

The Secret To Weeding Out The Real
From The Fake

The 80/20 Rule


FL Studio 20 ‚Äď Cras Making Live Beats from Scratch! + Melody Tutorial

FL Studio 20 Trap Beat Tutorial ‚Äď How To Make A Beat From Scratch!

FL Studio 20 ‚Äď Cras Making Beats from Scratch!

Cras Making 2023 Type Beats ‚ÄúLive‚ÄĚ ( Behind The Scenes‚Ķ )

FL Studio 20 Trap Beats Live Tutorial ( 2023 ) ( mac )

Wassup! This is Cras and we are live!

Melody Tutorial ‚Äď How To Make Melodies in FL Studio 20

FL Studio 20 Trap Beat ‚Äď Cras Live on Twitch Highlight Video


How To Make Trap Drums Quick and Easy

Discover The Secret To Spicing Up Boring Beats

How To Add Spice To Your Beats - EASY

This Subtle Effect Will Add A Ton of Flavor to Your 808 Patterns

How To Spice Up Trap Hi-Hats Quickly and Easily

FL Studio 20 ‚Äď How To Mix A Trap Beat Lightning Fast!


Blast Off Bundle

Infinite Bundle

Lit Bundle

Uzi Juice Drake Bundle

Future Lil Baby Thugger Bundle

Jay-Z Nas EMINEM Bundle

Platinum Drumkit Collections

Fire Bundle

Massive Bundle

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