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The New Era of Certified Producer: 
December 2023 Bundle

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MOSAIC BUNDLE PREVIEW PACK.png__PID:9238ce63-3754-4f78-95ce-da1503c7f7f7

 MOSAIC Music Producer Bundle 
450+ Samples, High-quality Industry Loops, MIDI, and Stems ready for you to Drag and Drop into your next beat. ūüÉŹ

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Various Melodies

Unleash your sonic mosaic with the MOSAIC Various Melodies pack. Dive into a diverse collection of melodies, ranging from catchy hooks to ambient textures, providing endless inspiration for your music.

Hi-Hat Rolls

Add dynamic and intricate rhythms to your beats with the NEXUS Hi-Hat Rolls pack. Explore a collection of expertly crafted hi-hat patterns and rolls that will bring an extra layer of groove and energy to your tracks.


Midi Collection

Unleash your creativity with the MIRAGE Midi Collection. Discover a treasure trove of MIDI files spanning various genres, providing endless possibilities for crafting unique melodies and chord progressions.

Guitar Melodies

Infuse your music with the warmth and soul of RADIANCE Guitar Melodies. Explore a range of captivating guitar riffs, licks, and chords that will bring an expressive and melodic quality to your tracks.



Take your tracks on a sonic journey with the ZENITH FX's pack. Dive into a collection of atmospheric sound effects, transitions, and textures that will add depth and cinematic flair to your productions.

Bells Melodies

Let the enchanting sounds of LUMINA Bells Melodies elevate your music to new heights. Discover ethereal bell melodies that will add a touch of magic and sparkle to your compositions, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere.


Drum Loops

Add a burst of energy to your beats with the KALEIDO Drum Loops. Explore a kaleidoscope of rhythmic patterns, from punchy kicks to snappy snares, providing the perfect foundation for your tracks across various genres.

RNB & Pop Melodies

Immerse yourself in the smooth and soulful world of R&B and Pop with the ELYSIAN pack. Discover captivating melodies, lush chords, and infectious hooks that will add a touch of elegance and emotion to your tracks.


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