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Focus on Making your Music and We’ll Take Care of the Rest | Certified Producer

Certified Producers will help you with the admin services like registry, distribution, and even some creative assistance for your songs so that you can focus on making more music.

Find out more about us at https://www.certifiedproducer.com

The key to making it in the industry is to keep on making and releasing your music.

Both tasks will take most of your time, so here at Certified Producer, we will help you lessen the work and let you just focus on your music.

So what do Certified Producer Admin Services offer?

  1. Register to a PRO. Our Music Producer team will help you register with the right Performing Rights Organization (PRO) so that you can be properly credited for all the plays of your music. 
  2. Register to an MLC. Music Licensing Companies (MLCs) will be able to use your music for soundtracks and media.
  3. Register to National Copyrights  Entity. Music Copyrights Entity is an organization that will make sure that your music is legally registered and protected from fraudulent uses.
  4. Distribute your music through Tunecore. We will help you reach more people by distributing your music through our Tunecore account. 
  5. Register to Sound Exchange. We will also help you register to Sound Exchange so that you can be properly compensated for your work. 

These processes will ensure that you get royalties whenever your songs are played or it is used. You don't have to worry about doing all the paperwork for all your music. We will take care of it for you so you can focus on creating more songs.

Other services that Certified Producer can help you with:

  1. Creative Assistance. Pitching album cover designs that suit your brand.
  2. Promotions. We can provide materials for your social media promotions such as videos and graphics.
  3. Sync Licensing Opportunities. With the network that Certified Producers have, we can help you close sync deals.
  4. Consultations. Our experts will help you in whatever question of concern that you have.