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October 2023 Bundle

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BANGERS Collection Vol. 1:
325+ Unreleased Melodies, Drums, Hyperstems Drumloops, & More

BANGERS Collection Vol. 1 is a comprehensive music production toolkit packed with over 325 unreleased materials.

It includes a vast range of melodies, drums, hyperstems drumloops, and more to provide an extensive selection of sounds for your music creation needs.

This collection is designed to inspire and enhance your music production with its unique and high-quality elements.

Whether you're producing a track from scratch or looking to add some extra flavor to your existing project, BANGERS Collection Vol. 1 has got you covered.

BANGERS Collection Vol. 1 Includes...


This kit is packed with 70 hard-kicking drums, including 808s (Tuned to C), Kicks, Hats, Percs, Open Hats, Snares, and claps.

These sounds are designed to give your tracks the punch and intensity that's characteristic of the trap genre.

TURNT BANGERS - HyperStems Drumloops

This collection contains 60 high-energy drum loops, further extracted into separate 808, Hi Hat, and Kick Loops for maximum versatility.

Plus, you'll get 45 MIDI Files for each drum loop, giving you the freedom to customize and make each beat your own.


This pack features 50 unique loops created with a variety of popular instruments, providing you with an array of sounds to inspire your next hit.

It also includes 30 Midi files that are ready to drag and drop into your production software, simplifying your workflow and sparking your creativity.

Loop Pack

This pack includes 35 varied melodies using different types of instruments, offering a rich and diverse soundscape for your tracks.

It also comes with 35 Midi files for each melody, allowing you to tweak and personalize your sound.

BANGERS Collection Vol. 1:
325+ Unreleased Melodies, Drums, Hyperstems Drumloops, & More

The origin story behind the new Bangers Collection is simple.We wanted to produce our best work to date, to celebrate our 3rd full year since we decided to go all in on helping producers with their sound.

We also wanted to make sure the value and sanctity of the music was preserved in a new way we had not yet explored, so we listened to you the producer, and decided to up the overall value on this prestigious collection, by placing a limit on the number of usage licenses available for producers to claim as their own.

An official license that represents authenticity and allows our clients to own something exclusive with ownership and rights reserved for buyers only. We chose this path after listening to client feedback, and also because of all the work that went into creating this musical masterpiece.

Our production team includes producers with certified viral beats, that have gotten clout based on their sound. No gimmicks, no tricks, no extras. Only the music.

You are getting irresistible melodies and infectious grooves from proven producers who have been handpicked directly by Cras.

The standard for making it into this collection has been extremely high and we've taken no shortcuts. Even the arrangement and order of the packs have been carefully thought out with workflow at the core of our focus.

Our mission is to make your job as the producer, seemless, frictionless and able to take the shortest path to inspiration and finished beats.

Join us in the mastery of this collection and take advantage of this extremely limited collection of brand new, awe inspiring, sonically superior masterpiece of catchy melodies, hard hitting drum loops, and clever midi blueprints that will be guaranteed to level up your beats.


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