Beginners: How To Make Beats! Fast!

The Ultimate Beat Making Guide!

Top Tips On How To Make Beats:

Hip Hop Beat making:

Rule #1 - Keep your beat simple. Save the extra bells and whistles for later on in the production process when you have more time to experiment with different sounds and effects.

-Use an 808 kick drum or samples of one if it is not available in a plugin that you are using. This will create low end frequencies that make your beats come to life.

-Use other samples or synths along with 808's for variety and creativity so your beat doesn't sound too samey throughout the song.

Rule #2 - Tweak Your Lead

You can make a standard synth lead into an interesting rhythmic instrument by putting it on repeat at different BPMs in order to create fills between notes and give the listener something new.

Bottom Line:

There are many resources online for aspiring producers to learn how to make beats. In this article, I want to go over the basics of how beat-making works and give you some tips that will help you get started on your journey. It's a lot easier than it seems!

How to Make Beats Mini Tip: Using a hi hat will give your beat life and help you make your own beats loop in a way that makes your beat progression sound amazing!

How to Make Beats Mini Tip #2: Using headphones to mix your beats give producers playing their tracks a bit more awareness of how their music and instruments will sound to the average listener, using the same thing.

I think it's important to understand the difference between a beat and a song. Each has their own purpose, so if you're looking for hot beats (and not an entire rap songs), read on! A lot of people get confused about what makes up a complete song versus just one beat.

A song is typically a complete piece of work with verses and choruses, and a singer or rapper, while beats are just the instrumental without an artist on it. Beats using music and drum elements that keep a groove going with sounds, bass, and melody tracks, make music producers seem like magicians creating potions.


I want to write about music production and how to make beats. Every beat needs an intro and outro, along with a chorus, and a bridge. Many beats incorporate reverb, chorus, and many other VST instruments. No beat is complete with 808's and kick drums, along with snares, hi-hats and percussions to fill the dynamics of the beat.


Here are Top 10 tips on how to make beats...but before we do, you might be interested in this.


#1 - Never Underestimate The Hi Hat.

  • While it's not necessarily a #1 Tip, it's still worth nothing that it made it to #1, and to always keep it in mind. The hi-hat can create the character in your beats. :)

- Use a sample pack or VSTs that are free for starters until you get better at beat making (I like  to use a daw named FL Studio !)

- Don't worry about your first few beats being "bad", just start making them and you'll get better with time.

#2 - Focus on the song arrangement.

  • Try to make your beats have an intro, verses, bridges (chorus), and outro.

- Experiment with different drum patterns or melodies if you're stuck for ideas of what to create next!

- Always listen back to your beats, you don't want to be ignorant about how they sound.

- Have fun making your beats! It's all a learning process and it'll bring out the best of your creativity if you enjoy yourself while doing it.

#3 - It's All In The Mix

- Take time with mixing and mastering (I like to use Pro Tools 12 to master my songs).

- Master your audio. You don't want it to sound too loud or quiet, so find a middle ground and keep the volume consistent throughout all of your beats.

- Finally, experience is key in this industry! Keep practicing, learning more about music production techniques (there are many), and study great producers ) because that will improve the quality of your beats.

Once you get your beats to a place where they are ready to be heard, it's time to find an A&R to help you find artists to work with.


Is it EASY to Make Beats?

Making beats is the easiest thing in the world. All it takes are a few tools and you can make some pretty impressive songs, or even just samples to use later on!

- Use free VST plugins that come with your daw (I like FL Studio !)

- You don't need expensive equipment to get started making beats.

- The possibilities are endless when it comes to how your song will sound, so experiment and have fun.

Once you get the hang of this business, there's a ton of money to be made!

I recommend getting a music attorney ( ONLY WHEN IT'S TIME ) that has great knowledge of the industry, to help you hurdle any pitfalls or challenges you might come across.

But you definitely don't need to worry about this now.


Is it TRULY profitable to make beats?


First off, it is important to know that making beats for a living isn't as easy as some people think. It takes years of practice and experience before someone gets paid thousands of dollars per beat like producers such as Metro Boomin'. However, there are many ways to make money from making beats online.


For example, uploading your songs onto YouTube and getting a bunch of views will help you get your music heard by millions of people across the world! You can even monetize these videos so when they play them it generates ad revenue for yourself. If this is something that interests you I highly recommend checking out TubeBuddy. It's an awesome app that helps you grow your YouTube channel and get more views, subscribers, likes, etc!


Another way to monetize your beats is going on sites like SoundClick where people are allowed to pay $20-$100 for the right to use a beat. I have heard of people making up to $1000 off of one beat! It is also a good platform for you to upload your own beats and make money selling them.


The last way I want to talk about which has helped me generate revenue on the internet with my beats are music licensing websites like BeatStars or . On these sites, companies and individuals go to purchase beats in order to use them for their own commercial purposes. For example, if an ad agency creates a car commercial they will need music that represents the type of audience that watches those types of ads- young people who are driving cars! What better way than having my beat playing as background noise? They might also want to use the beat as a ringtone or have it playing on their company phone line. The possibilities are endless!


In conclusion, there are many ways making beats can help you financially in life even if you don't become an extremely successful producer like those I mentioned above. However, keep in mind that this isn't something that will make you overnight riches and it takes years to master.


To sum up how you can make money from beats I will leave a few links below that should be helpful for those interested!


After The Beat's Done

Top Tips on How to Find A&R's to Listen to your music.

- Keep a list of A&R's that ask you to email them your music and what genre it falls under.

- Have an online presence, make sure people can find you on Twitter or Facebook for easy access!

- Make sure your beats are good quality (good enough to attract artists), if they have any clashy noise in them, they're not ready for an A&R.

- Find artists to work with by making beats on the side and going out to shows in your city (or wherever you live) and letting artists and engineers and managers know if you have any beats available.

I hope this article has helped give you some advice about how to make hip hop beats and what to do next.

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