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The New Era of Certified Producer:
November 2023 Bundle

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scary big preview pack 2.png__PID:57c2f75c-8d91-4832-bbe9-94fd1d2427de

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Preview samples (Stems & MIDI included)

SCARY BIG Exclusive Bundle
450+ Samples, High-quality Industry Loops, MIDI, and Stems ready for you to Drag and Drop into your next beat.


Get ready for some serious chills with the SCARY BIG BUNDLE! It's jam-packed with wicked sounds, killer drums, freaky loops, MIDI files, samples, and stems. It's like stepping into the coolest Halloween sound party ever.

Made by a crew of producers from all over, we're changing the way you make music. No need for old-school hangouts, we've got a virtual vibe where anything's possible.

The SCARY BIG BUNDLE ain't just another pack - it's your key to a whole new world of sound. Get ready for a crazy range of tunes and top-notch sounds that'll take your music to new heights. Time to level up your music game! 🎶

The SCARY BIG BUNDLE includes:

● 450+ sounds, 30 Samples (Samples are chopped from real songs and made easier for producer to sample), 92 High-quality Industry loops, 182 MIDI, and 146 Stems for you to Drag and Drop into your next beat.

● Eerie Loop Pack - Unique loops with a range of instruments + Midi files ready to go.

● Spooky Guitar Loops - Cool guitar loops broken down into different layers + MIDI Files 

● Mystery Samples – Samples, cut from real songs and made easy for you to add to your beats.

● Chilly Loop Pack - Send shivers down your spine and give you that bone-chilling sensation!

● Gloomy Loop Pack - Dark and moody loops to add some serious vibe to your music.


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