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The New Era of Certified Producer:
October 2023 Bundle

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BANGERS Collection Vol. 1:
325+ Unreleased Melodies, Drums, Hyperstems Drumloops, & More

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Jump into our ultra-cool sound realm with Bangers Collection Vol 1. Packed to the brim with fresh melodies, booming drums, 808s, Drum Loops, MIDI files, Melodies, and Samples – it's like stepping into a VIP zone of musical goodness.

Crafted collaboratively by a diverse crew of global producers, we've flipped the script on music-making. No more old-school physical meetups, just a collective melting pot of virtual awesomeness, where innovation knows no bounds.

Bangers Collection Vol 1 isn't just another collection – it's your golden ticket to a sonic revolution. Experience the mind-blowing versatility and groundbreaking sound design that's waiting for you. Get ready to amp up your music game! 🎶

Bangers Collection Vol 1 includes:

● Lit Bangers Loop Pack - 50 Unique Loops used with all Popular Instruments + 30 Midi files ready to Drag and drop

● Turnt Bangers Drum Loops - 60 Blitz Drum Loops extracted into 808, Hi Hat & Kick Loops + 45 MIDI Files for the reach drum loop

● Soulful Bangers Loop Pack – 35 Various Melodies with different types of instruments + 35 Midi files for each melody.

● Trap Bangers Drum Kit – 70 Hard Kicking Drums, that are including 808s (Tuned to C), Kicks, Hats, Percs, Open Hats, Snares, and claps.


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