If You Want Dope Beats – Study What Works!

If you want to know how to produce like a world-class producer, you gotta study 📖  it.

When’s the last time u looked up the billboard 💯  and studied the format and arrangement of the top 5 songs?

If you didn't know then, now ya know.

The education you’ll receive is priceless.

Study bars:

Study how many bars the intro is.

Study how many bars the first verse is.

Or did they start the song with a hook?

What elements are in it?

Are the hi hats 🎩 in Or out?

Do they have an 808 in or out?

Is there a bridge 🌉 ?

Whats a bridge?

A bridge is a transition between the verse and the hook. Or it could be from the hook to the verse.

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But what's the biggest difference between a pro and amateur producer?

Essentially, it's that most noticeable is that many amateur or beginner producers don’t have any movement or arrangement in their beats.

They tend to be monotonous.

The lead melody repeats the entire length of the beat uninterrupted. 😓

The hi hats play throughout the entire beat without interruption. 😠

Keep in mind when someone is listening to your beat, they are using their “brain” to process it all.

Do you think a brain can get tired 😴?

Of course!

Very fast 💨

If your beat is doing the same phrase and repeating the same melody, well your music 🎶 will be boring, repetitive and monotonous.

Avoid this at all cost! 💰

It will affect everything. 😟

Are you ready to level up?

Start studying music 🎵 and beats from your favorite songs, producers and beatmakers.

If you want to level up faster, join the membership asap.  It will expand your production knowledge in both music and in business.

Invest in yourself.

Invest in your knowledge.

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