How To Sell Your Beats Online

Do you want to get paid REAL $$$ even when you're not working?


I know it sounds impossible, but it is totally possible.


I get paid when I'm sleeping, when I'm eating, even when I'm just hanging out! I get paid around the clock.


You can too and I'll tell you how.

Don't worry! You don't need a lot!

I started with barely anything.

How would getting an extra $1,000 help you?

What about $5,000?

What about $10,000?

What about $100,000?


A lot, right?

And you can get there. 

Imagine this:

If you sell a beat 3x a month for $30, you will get $1,800 at the end of the year!

Multiply that.

Sell 5 beats 5x each every month, and get $9,000!!

Sell 10 beats 5x each every month = $18,000!!

Calculate it. Have fun.

[# of beat sales] x [beat price] x 12 (months in a year) = annual revenue


If you're selling multiple beats at different prices, just add the products from that formula and you'll get your total beat sales!

You can earn lots of money from beat sales.



You just need 3 things:

  • Good beats (which you probably already have!)
    • If you have beats sitting around in your hard drives, then you are sitting on GOLD, my friend.

  • Marketing
    • Find people to sell your beats to and make them WANT TO BUY your beats.
    • Sales cure all

  • The right mindset
    • Money doesn't fall from the sky 
    • Doing nothing will get you nowhere
    • Nothing is "too hard", embrace the challenges that will come
    • Educate yourself. Learn something new every single day.
    • Keep an open mind
    • Learn from feedback
    • Be inspired by others and find people that inspire you
    • Get things DONE
    • Try new things, look at your results and act based on it
    • Be PATIENT
    • Take control of your destiny. You make your own destiny. Don't listen to anybody who tries to tell you otherwise.

Learn more here.


Selling your beats online is simple:

1. Create your beat

I'm not going to say creating beats is easy. I know it's not. You have to stay inspired, do your research, learn how to keep making good beats, and so much more.

We have tons of resources for that here.

2. Upload your beat

Create a schedule for beat making and releases. Make sure you release beats consistently.

3. Promote your beat

Marketing is the key element here. You can have 1000 fire beats, but nobody to sell them to and that's that. We'll get into this more later.

4. Sell your beat

You'll have two basic options for selling your beats.

Exclusive license: Sell exclusive rights to 1 person

Non-exclusive licenses: Sell different "versions" or kinds of licenses to many people.

5. Build relationships with your customers

This is very important if you want to keep your customers coming back to buy more. Artists usually buy from the same producers but only if they are taken care of.

Where can you sell your beats?

And many other places!!

Look around. Choose a platform that works for you and stick with it. Choosing too many platforms will thin out your results.


This is the secret. GOOD MARKETING.

Marketing is what separates producers that earn a lot of money selling their beats from producers who waste their time and talent getting 0 beat sales.

Use social media to sell your beats don't just scroll and lurk there. USE IT. Get your name out there. Don't hide behind logos, SHOW YOUR FACE. People connect with eyes and faces.

Use pictures and videos so your audience can VISUALIZE.

Learn as much as you can. Follow top beat sellers and see what they're doing. Identify what works and keep doing it.

Market yourself EVERY DAY.

Be consistent.

Don't let people forget about you.

Grow your email list. Use funnels and collect emails - send them news and new beats, updates on your career, REACH OUT TO THEM - ask them how they're doing.

Remember, build relationships.