Top 5 Free Phonk Drum Kits for Producers on a Budget


Looking to spice up your phonk beats without emptying your wallet? Look no further! In this blog post, we'll be showcasing our favorite free phonk drum kits that are guaranteed to boost the energy of each and every one of your tracks. 

From smooth 808s to punchy hi-hats, these kits offer a great selection of sounds for producers on all budgets. Whether you're creating something new or freshening up the old classics, we've got free drum kits in here for everyone. 

So read on and find out how you can level up your music production game with these top 5 free phonk drum kits!

Phonk Flow Drumkit

Phonk Flow Drum Kit

When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck (or no bucks at all), the Phonk Flow Drumkit is a go-to gem for producers on a budget. Packed with a whopping assortment of 41 high-quality sounds, this kit covers all the essentials: 808s, kicks, snares, hi-hats, and more. It's the complete package you need to add that perfect punch and groove to your phonk beats.

What makes the Phonk Flow Drumkit stand out from the crowd is not just its diverse range of sounds but also the fact that it comes with a 100% royalty-free guarantee.

That means you can freely use these sounds in your productions without worrying about any copyright issues or extra costs. In the world of music production, having access to top-notch samples without shelling out a dime is a game-changer.

The carefully curated selection of 808s ensures that your basslines rumble with depth, while the kicks and snares hit with the right amount of impact. And let's not forget about the hi-hats that provide that essential rhythmic drive to keep your beats flowing.

Cobra Hip Hop And Phonk Sample Pack

Cobra Phonk Drum Kit

Paying homage to the early phonk era, this pack offers a treasure trove of nostalgia-inducing melodies, all royalty-free, allowing you to dive deep into chopping and crafting your own signature phonk style chops.

With Cobra you can now spend your days blissfully chopping away without a worry, knowing that the samples are fully cleared for your use. The rich selection of royalty-free melodies in this pack opens up a world of possibilities, letting you infuse your phonk beats with the soulful essence that sets the genre apart.

But that's not all; 'Cobra' goes the extra mile by offering a plethora of top-notch drums and 808s, elevating your production to new heights. With 19 phonk 808s that pack a punch and 17 drum loops that ooze with that old-school vibe, you'll find the backbone of your beats effortlessly.


LANDr Phonk Drum Kit

Bursting with 130 captivating samples, this unique and one-of-a-kind phonk treasure trove is a playground of inspiration for producers delving into hip hop, trap, and drill genres.

Step into a realm of otherworldly creativity as Magic Phonk ASTROSOUL offers a diverse collection of dark and atmospheric song starters. These evocative sounds will transport you to mystical dimensions, where you can harness the ethereal energies to craft hauntingly beautiful phonk compositions that captivate your listeners.

In search of that perfect synth pluck to elevate your melodies? Look no further! This pack delivers essential synth plucks that shimmer and shine, ready to inject a touch of magic into your phonk beats. Every pluck carries an unmistakable aura, allowing you to infuse your tracks with an authentic and captivating essence.

Phonk Essentials Lite

Phonk Essentials Lite

If you're looking to dip your toes into the world of phonk production without breaking the bank, Phonk Essentials Lite is here to be your guiding light. This free download .ZIP folder contains all the essential ingredients you need to cook up great-sounding phonk tracks that will get heads nodding. With 26 crisp drum samples, painstakingly designed from scratch for the sole purpose of delivering that unmistakable phonk vibe, you can expect your beats to hit with the perfect punch and groove.

But that's not all; Phonk Essentials Lite spoils you with 11 punchy drum loops and 6 sinister melody loops that will fuel your creative fire. The loops are conveniently labeled with their respective Key / BPM, taking the guesswork out of your production process and allowing you to seamlessly build on top of them.

Whether you're a seasoned producer looking to experiment with the phonk genre or a newcomer eager to make your mark, 'Phonk Essentials Lite is a fantastic starting point. 

Lunatic Phonk Drum Kit

Lunatic Phonk Drum Kit

The Lunatic Phonk Drum Kit is the ultimate secret weapon for cooking up heavy-hitting phonk tracks that will leave a lasting impact. From those signature tuned 808s that rumble your soul to the distinctive charm of cowbells, this kit has got you covered with everything you need to take your phonk production to the next level.

Inside this sonic treasure chest, you'll find an impressive array of 25 drum hits and 14 drum loops that deliver the perfect balance of groove and grit. Want to add some captivating effects to your beats? Look no further, as the "Lunatic" kit spoils you with 6 effect sounds that will add that extra touch of madness to your tracks. 

But that's not all; the pack includes 7 melodic loops and MIDIs to spark your creativity and elevate your phonk game even further.

Take Home

To conclude, these five free phonk drum kits are sure to bring your production to life and help you achieve the desired sound you’re looking for. Phonk Flow Drumkit of ours is a great pick for producers who want top-quality content and sounds, but are also willing to spend a bit. 

On the other hand, Magic Phonk ASTROSOUL is totally free and has some really special elements that could take your track to the next level. We would also recommend giving all of the different options a try before making any decisions and see what works best for you, as everyone is different. Whatever direction you choose to take, be sure to stay creative and experiment!

Ultimately, I highly recommend using my Phonk Flow Drumkit, as it’s the choice for any producer on a budget.