Entre-producer Freedom Blueprint Vol 1

Few producers get to know the utter joy of having “freedom”.

What does this mean? You make ask...

Freedom to do you.

Freedom to wake up when you want.

Freedom to waste the day if that’s how you feel.

Freedom to work with whomever, whenever.

Freedom to make thy own decisions.

Freedom to come and go as they please.

Freedom to say no, or pass quickly on a potential client that isn’t demonstrating eagerness to get down to business.

Freedom to work on other things in their producer biz aside from “beats”.

Freedom to help other producers get to where they are.

Freedom to spend endless hours in the studio, KNOWING you have an audience for what you are creating.

You get the idea.

Most producers were probably like me:

Not sure how to get to where I wanted to go.

Not truly sure where I wanted to go.

Not sure how I would make it on my own.

Not sure if my beats were “good enough”.

Not sure if there were enough serious “buyers” out there.

Not sure if i was “really” going to make it.

Having crazy subconscious doubt.

Knowing my beats didn’t have that right “shine” on them from a dope mix.

All of these things held me back every day.

I didn’t think about them constantly, but anytime I had a string of good news or a few things happen to me that was pulling me closer to my dreamz ( s/o Guopele ), a thought or two about what I “lacked” would bring me back to what I thought was “reality”.


Well here’s the truth:

In order to make it, all you need is 1 thing.

Relentless Forward Action


  • Taking action daily
  • If not working on beats, working on marketing
  • Willingness to fail and look stupid in the beginning
  • Relentless pressure to win. To get it. To grind.
  • Impulsive and instinctive outreach.
  • Relentless follow up

So many times I have producers that tell me, they reached out to 5-10 artists and then stopped.

What if I told you, stats show, it requires about 25-50 outreaches before you hit a “few” potentially interested buyers?

Are you ready for this level of committment?

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