10X Your Track Output: 5 Proven Tips to Help Music Producers Finish More Tracks Faster!

If you're a music producer, you know how much time it can take to complete your own tracks, let alone the effort it takes to get them out into the world. Between making sure they sound good, and you've got the right mix of genres and instruments, completing a full track can be an arduous process, especially if you're working with multiple collaborators or on multiple projects at once. 

To save yourself time and energy while increasing your productivity, try these tips to help you finish more tracks faster.

Identify your goals in advance.

Most producers need to get many tracks under their belt before coming up with anything decent. Setting yourself a bigger goal can help you focus on finishing your tracks. For example, how many tracks would you like to FINISH this year? 20? Then aim to finish 100 tracks this year. Yes, I know that's really ambitious, but it's possible. Now, what needs to be done to finish 100 tracks this year? It comes down to creating & finishing two tracks every week. Now that doesn't seem so huge right?

When doing this, you may come up with some of your best work. At this point, you stop obsessing over the details, and you're forced to move on to new material quickly. 

Start with a loose idea.

Start with a loose idea of what you want from your track(s), and keep everything simple right from the get-go. You don't have to be perfect. The moment you stop looking for perfection is when you start producing more tracks.

A 100% perfection is a fallacy and non-attainable. No matter how hard one tries, you'll never get your track sounding perfect.

Also, what might sound close to perfection might sound terrible to somebody else. So start with a loose idea and detach from the thought that your tracks must be perfect.

Always finish your tracks.

Most producers don't realize that finishing a track is just as important a skill as starting one because, quite frankly, if you can't finish what you started, are you likely to achieve your goals?

You'll benefit from forcing yourself to finish tracks in two ways:

  • You'll pick up different approaches and skills in the areas of arrangement and track completion.
  • You will have a much greater catalog of tracks to release.

This may seem clear to some, but it may not be to others. Many producers prefer to finish just the projects they believe have the most potential.

If it works for them, that's fantastic. But despite that, if you're struggling to finish most tracks, you should exercise the ability to finish tracks as much as possible.

Just don't allow yourself to start a new track until the current one is finished.

Reverse Engineer

With thousands of sample packs, templates, midi packs, tutorials, and soundbanks available online, why reinvent the wheel?

One of the best ways to educate yourself (and increase your speed workflow) is to find out what works for other people and reverse engineer that to your advantage.

Remember, your main goal now is to become a track finishing machine. You don't want to waste precious time reinventing everything from scratch.

This means you have to take advantage of what's already out there, including existing soundbanks for your favorite synths, one-shot samples, and drum loops that will come in handy whilst keeping you inspired. You can find thousands of premium packs at our store.

Some great Facebook and Reddit groups discuss production tricks, opportunities, and track remakes. Likewise, I also have a Producer Accelerator Program, which shows you exactly how to achieve certain sounds.


Limit your tools

I strongly suggest limiting the number of tools (especially synth plugins) and options at your disposal. For example, when it comes to VST synths, you don't need a dozen synths to make good music. Pick a few of your favorites and stick with them.

Most modern DAWs are fantastic in offering you an almost infinite number of options for your sound.

The disadvantage is that you may become trapped in an infinite circle of trying to figure out which sounds or plugins to use for the task. The best way to tackle this is to take it slowly and master each one at a time.

Removing some of the options at your disposal will make it easier for you to FOCUS on the actual work and work faster because you know your tools well enough.

If you want to learn new tools now and then, that's awesome, but you might want to set some time aside and do this outside of your productive work sessions.

Limiting the number of options can free your mind to focus on your creativity.


The difficulties of music producers in keeping their compositions moving are one of the most common issues they face. With time, this has become more difficult. Composing a song may be simple for them, but finishing one is not.

Most music producers get stuck in a rut once in a while, which is why the tips in this article can help. The topic of tracks' finishing is a hot topic in music production.  It's easy to put together a few bars, but turning them into an entire entertaining track much faster can be difficult.